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Teach you a few small ways to get rid of the glass fish tank and make the fish grow healthier
Algae usually occur in aquariums when "new" cylinders are installed. Algae often disappear automatically (invisible) within a week or two, and the new system is not well established, so this happens.
Terms of settlement:
Can breed bearded juveniles, he can stick to the wall of the tank, eat brown algae; in the filter tank to add quality nitrifying bacteria capsules or water agents, filtration system and oxygen equipment open 24 hours; do not overfeed. Wait for some time, brown algae will gradually disappear.
1. cleaning cylinder wall
The second is scale, which is a white mark. The reason is that the hardness of tap water is high, for example, the scale of water will be the same.
Fish tank used for a period of time will occur on the glass wall dirt and even moss, can be used with a magnetic scraper on the glass tank moss and dirt easy to clean. One hand puts one blade into the water and sticks it to the wall of the cylinder. The other hand holds the one with a brush outside the cylinder so that the two pieces hold each other firmly. Then one of the outside pieces moves back and forth locally with green moss and dirt. The inside one moves with it. The moving knife cleans the moss and dirt on the wall of the cylinder quickly and economically. It will never blow glass.
2. cleaning and filtration system

As for the cleaning of filtration system, we must first understand several layers of filtration system. The first layer: filter cotton, the second layer: biochemical cotton, the third layer: glass ring (ceramic ring, biological stone, etc.), the fourth layer: activated carbon (ammonia stone, Maifanshi, etc.). Because of the relatively cluttered sealing and equipment of the filter barrel, and in order to maintain the bacterial system, it is not appropriate to wash frequently, so the selected filter material is more expensive and more advanced information.


The first layer mainly blocks the solid residue in the water, so it is particularly simple and dirty. The cleaning is also based on this layer. The other layers are usually rarely cleaned. When cleaning, one should be careful not to scrub, also do not require washing too clean, not directly washed with tap water, otherwise attached to the filter cotton nitrifying bacteria will be completely eliminated by you, so as to lose the effect of biofiltration.
3. how to organize small fish tanks?
First find a small basin, carefully clean, especially pay attention to not oil stains and not washed detergent; small tank of water and fish together quietly into the prepared small basin, deposited in the bottom of the tank as far as possible to stay in the tank, clean the tank; the tank to participate in 1/2 of the new water (new water is best placed in advance for 1-2 days to make The temperature should be as close as possible to the tank water and evaporate chlorine gas; the water and the fish should be poured back into the tank to make up for the new water and not be fed for the time being.
By changing the water regularly, the water will not be so dirty.
4. disinfect the fish tank.
Finally, how to disinfect the fish tank. Fish tank disinfection can use potassium permanganate solution, in the presence of organic matter will release new ecological oxygen, has the effect of killing bacteria. Its sterilization is very strong, the common concentration of 1:2000-1:5000 (that is, 1 gram of potassium permanganate plus 2L ~ 5L water) solution washing. Note that in equipping the solution to consider the time, potassium permanganate release oxygen slowly, soaking time must reach 5 minutes to kill bacteria. Cold water should be used for making the solution, and hot water will fail. After disinfection, water can be cleaned with a little cleaning.
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